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It was the year of 2301, in the Golden Age of Men.

Earth grew green once again, after being foolishly exploited for centuries. The choking smog, the floating continents of waste were all forgotten. Famine and disease became old tales for those, who were the poorest in the old world, and the richest became almost as gods, with the forces of creation at their whim, each a nation, a self-contained culture.

Even the sky became a mirror of Mankind’s power. A thin silver crown glittered on the night sky, the ring of the CycloTerra Particle Accelerator. Around the crown, one could find it’s three jewels, Moon, with its mines and growing cities, Mars, the home of a fledging colony and the faraway Centauri Outpost, Earth’s prodigal child.

For all these wonders, it took 7 hours to come crushing down on Men.
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After the Tide Sleipnir